C. Transpeninsular km 6.5 Lote 1 Local 5 Santa Carmela, 23454 Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S. 624-122-0824



    Sancho Panza Kitchen & Lounge
    Located in the Cabo San Lucas- San Jose del Cabo tourist corridor, Sancho Panza Kitchen & Lounge is a place specially designed to share the best of music, art and good wine with friends and family. With a menu carefully designed by our top chef and Father of the Californian cuisine Jeremiah Tower who with the experience and the talent of chef Dani Reyes, found the best ingredients to give to each dinner a totally new culinary experience. With an interesting proposal of Mediterranean cuisine, live music that walks melodically between jazz, blues, rhythm and blues, original mixology, intimate and cozy space, full of colors and atmosphere that transpires art in it’s most varied manifestation. Sancho Panza Kitchen & Lounge is a unique place created to be the house of music, art, wine and your home.






    Top Chef's 2020
    Thursday 24
    Friday 25
    Saturday 26
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